Photography, travels, fashion, food, health, running… I am the kind of person who is interested by the world and happiness. I started sharing my vision of life on Instagram but I have always wanted to share more. To write. That is why I am starting this website : to express myself, share the content I create and hope to bring people inspirations and joy through those lines.

As I know you will not want to read five feet long articles (I know you don’t), I will always try to keep them short or, at least, conscise and clear.

I am open to discussion, feel free to comment, share or DM me for questions, recommendations or else !


Born in France in 1991, I have moved in different cities due to my parents jobs. At age 13, I arrived in Bordeaux and fell directly in love with this region. Between the ocean and the moutains. From my youngest age, I dreamed about traveling and at 16 years old, I realised my first dream of going in the USA for few weeks. I was in Los Angeles and got the confirmation of what I knew deep inside : I need to discover the beauties of this world.

As a fact, I did not have a lot of money. Baby steps by baby steps I am adding countries to my bucket list : UK, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Morocco… I started traveling in Europe but also reading all that I could about destination I will visit some days. At some point, I also decided to live abroad : in Ireland.

I was missing home and came back in Bordeaux, where it all started. I brought HIM with me, found a Marcom (Marketing & Communication) job and found a place to live. And now, together plus our fur ball (#Néron) we are always planning the next trip.

Oh and one thing you need to know about me : I am always running, that is why I started to train for Half Marathons, but I will talk about that.

Enjour your life, live it as a journey !



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