Nicky Larson movie

So we went to see the famous Nicky Larson adaptation from Philipphe Lacheau, a french actor and movie realisator. as it Worth ? Was it bad ? All the answers are below !

Nor bad nor good, a good movie for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Great adaptation

If I had to choose 3 words to describe this movie I would say : Funny, Well adapted, heavily played. Why ? The characters, the landscapes, the humor are respected (I am not a huge fan of Nicky Larson comic so I expect some of you to tell me if I am correct), the diretcion is using a lot of french humor (sometimes too much) but I have a concern on the actors play. I know that the exageration is actually made by purpose but I am Always upset about it. That is why I cannot say it was a really great movie.

Well, I did not get bored, and I also judged a movie on the fact I did not check time while watching it. That is why I am pretty neutral on this one.

I have actually laughed

Yes I said it was heavily played and yes I said there was a bit too many easy jokes. Jokes will be mainly on sex, sexism, women and sometimes are pretty bad. However, I have actually laughed several times. Pamela Anderson is pretty funny in this movie !

To sum up this movie is a funny and easy one, It did not break my leg but it still deserves to be seen at least once. If you are having a bad day it can help !

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