The Food & Us : what a long story

Before writing anything about food, I want you to remember one thing : I am not a Doctor, I have not studied nutrition or dietetic at school. All that I will be saying in my articles are based on my personnal research and talks with people who knows about food.

In this first article I would like to highligh the relationship we have created with food among the years and how important food is now in our life (above all in girls and women lives !). I will not be talking about Food’s first utility which is keeping us alive but the psychic relation (because yes, it is a relation) we have with it.

Why can food be a stress for someone ?

If you are a girl between 15 and 30 Years Old, you have face it from far or close : food disorders. I do not really like that name because food never should be a disorder. That is something we have created with our beauty norm (skinny, skinny and skinny).

I do not think that back in the middle age, people were struggling with anorexia or boulimia but well, I was there so who knows.

Food is a primary need. We need to feed ourself to live. FACT.

How did we let that happen ? How did we get to that point when someone is stressed about what he/ she will eat or what food will do to her/his body ?

Because we want to feet in a 0 size, because we’ve been told it was the good things to do. Because we have invented pre-made food full of sugar, salt and other weird ingredients. Because we have lost the idea of cooking raw products and not buying everything, we have created real stress around food. A stress, which should never be one (we already have so many problems, why such a normal things as feeding should be one ??).

How can we build a sane relationship with food ?

In here, I will not talk for people who are sick and mentally ill. I am no Doctor again, so for these people, I highly recommend to call for help to their families, friends, schools, and doctors !

If you have been on a diet (several times for myself). If you have gain and lost weight over the past 10 years, their is something you should know : STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT GOES INTO YOUR STOMACH ! Just follow simple rules and you will see all the benefice of a nomrla eating routine.

I’ve tried it once and guess what : I did not take weight I atually lost some. Why ? Because my brain was not focussign all day about how many calories I have eaten today.

If you really want your body to be fit and sane, just follow some simple rules : eat mostly food you have cooked yourself but treat yourself from time to time autorising your body to have chocolate, cake, hamburger (you can actually do it yourself as well but McDonald is always easy). If you stop worrying about feeding, your body will make you feel happy.

Here are some cooking basics :

  • Breakfast : Fruits, vegetables, protein (eggs, ham), cereals (plain bread, muesli, granola..)
  • Lunch : perfect mix between vegetables, carbs and protein
  • Diner : take it easy, vegetables and protein will make it work
  • Snack : if needed, eat a fruit or a yogurt between your meal.

Always remember :

  • Reduce your consumption of prepared food (or not too often) and cook your own food. Today with the internet some many recipes are online. Sometimes, reward yourself with a McDonald if you need to. It not always bad.
  • Be careful with transformed product, they are full of ingredients bad for you
  • Do not use more than 2 grams of salt a day.
  • If you want to eat a piece of cheese or chocolate : DO IT, you have to treat yourself. Just do it carrefully (do not eat the entire box of chocolate for instance and even if you do, relax it happens to all of us!)

What will it do to my body ?

Well, first of all, you will regulate your body which will stop gaining and loosing. It might help loosing if you have a bit too much weight. If you include sports in your routine, you will feel better :

  • Your skin will be softer and highlighted
  • Your hair & nail will be stronger
  • Your mental health will recover (no more stress out of food)
  • You will be less tired

Please, always remember that food is not a threat. You are the only person between the food and your stomach. Eating is a normal step in life, we have to live. Cook your own food, buy vegetables from producer and try to remember the simple rule : protein, vegetable, carbs and fruit are the basis of all nutrition !

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