Why saying that you are different is not true ?

Well, what you call difference I call unique. You know why ? First because we all share almost the same DNA (99.9%). So we are actually all the same. Scientific fact (read the article here).

The word difference used to compare humans is so negative and brings so much sadness, frustration and competition that you should ban it from your vocabulary.

The physical difference

Frirst of all, we compare ourselves physically :

  • Men and Women
  • Old and young
  • Small and tall
  • Fat and skinny
  • Blond and brunette
  • Blue eyed and dark eyes
  • Dark skin and white skin

Well I could continue the list for hours… But that brings us to this conclusion : yes, we are all different. We might have some similarities but you will never find 2 people looking exactly the same. Because in that 0.1% of DNA that we do not share happens all the magic !

That said, I have never undersood why racism or sexism exist… Because even in white or dark skins there are as many different tones as there are human on this planet. Why this should be a criterion of hierachy ?

If you are black, white, asian or else, please do not call yourself as different. You are unique, you are from this planet so don’t let anyone tell you you are different from them.

The mental difference

This one is tough. Indeed, we all have been told what to think and what are best practices or not by our education. If you have been well educated, you have been directed to think by yourself and thus, grow your own opinion. But let’s face it, who can truly said what is good or not ? Regarding world history : in all wars both sides thought they were right. You have your opinion only based on your geography but have your ever wonder what you would have think if you were born in the “enemy country” ?

There are lots of philosopher who would say that you will always be influenced by your education and social class. I believe it. But it does not always include that if your parents did not tell you the difference between bad and good you will be a bad person. In the other way around, some parents are very good person and their child turn unfortenately into bad persons. All depens on your mental, your relationship and what happens in your life.

Sometimes, you will also be considered as a deviant if you do not fit the “thinking norms” or if you like to do things considered as “weird” for the majority. But you know, we will always be weird for someone. We are 7 billions, educated and raised in 5 continents in hundreds of cultures. We will never fit !

Again, I feel like if we remove the word “difference” from our language in terms of behaviors, we could avoid a lot of mental issues : depression, OCD, fear of others…

Why ?

Because if you do not feel different but unique in your own way, you will not feel unconfortable in your body, in your head and in your home. You will be able to not care about others telling you you are bad, wrong, ugly (a lot of bullying comes from the fear of differences which would not exist if this word was used differently).

If you feel confortable wearing only black : do it ! Do not let anyone make you feel it is not the correct things to do. If you are a guy and you like wearing high heels, who cares ? Are you happy doing it ? Do it ! If you are a girl and you like to ride a motocycle, well you go girl ! If you are just in the average, do not only feel normal (trust me I have been there) and without interest, you also have the right not to have any special passion or will.

Difference does not exists ! Uniqueness leads the way. We are all unique in our own way. Even I, who is a living cliché, am unique in my own way.

If you feel unconfortable in your home, in your world, reach for help and reach for people who will help you understand that you problem is not about being different. You are not a problem, you do not even have one. The problem is about peopel making you feel this way. Thus you can just live happy making your own way through this life.

And you, what is you uniqueness ?

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