My Brilliant friend : shining on Italy

Can’t wait for season 2 !

The book

If you have read the book, you have probably already seen the show. If you have neither read or seen the show, you will want to watch it.

I discovered the book 3 years ago and it was a revelation to me. I loved it so much I could not stop reading it. It was summer and I read in the car between 2 places, on the stairs of the house in Corsica while waiting for everyone to be ready, on the beach, well everywhere.

The book is not only about friendship. First, it make you discover Italy, the years after the big war. It is all about a time and sharing the past. Then comes this tense and mysterious relationship. You always wonder who is the most brilliant friend between Lenu & Lila.

Anyway, if you have not read it, do. You will love it. It comes in 4 tomes that you will read very vastly, I promise !

The show

The point is that, when you read a book, you obviously picture the scenes, the characters, the landscapes in your mind. We all have suffered from this fear to be disappointed with a cinematographic adaptation of our favorite movie.

I have been happy twice with TV adaptation : Harry Potter (most of them, at least the characters) and My brilliant friend. Even though I have imagined Lenu & Lila different from the actress in the show, they fit the characters. The show is exactly the book and I appreciate it so much.

If you have not read the book, you will love the story of this strong, intense and particular friendship, about the Italian life in the 50’s and how love, money and corruption were leading Napoli back then.

I love books and shows that makes you feel real emotion and My Brilliant friend is about to destabilize you in all your senses : sometime you will be angry, sometimes you will be sad, most of the time you will wonder who’s your favorite character as it is really hard to chose between the intelligent and sweet Lenu and the strong and upsetting Lila.

So have you read the book ? Seen the show ? Tell me what you think about it in comment !

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