Do you really think you can’t run ?

This story is about to be positive about yourself. I have always thought that running was not for me. That it was boring, and that I could never run for 1 hour in a raw.

But seing Marathon and races being organized in my city in around, I started wanting to be involved in such a challenge. I also wanted to be proud of myself crossing the finish line.

When one of my friend told me she was running the Amsterdam Half Marathon, I decided to join. Just like that, in a minute I decided to run it without any experience or Idea where I was going.

Believe in yourself, don’t ask for people to do it for you

When I started talking about it, people close to me (my family) did not really believed it. Instead of giving up because they could not believe in me. I accelerated the process and started booking the planes ticket, the hotel and obvisouly I registered to the race. I could not go back. I wanted so hard to proove them they were wrong. I also wanted to proove myself I could do it.

It was a time I started feeling sad and pointless. I thought I could not succeed in anything. This challenge was perfect to help myself believing in me.

Training, preparation, and willingness

So, how do we start prepping for a Half Marathon when you never run more than half an hour ?

Well, you look for advices on Google ! I found a few website which were really interested :

  • For french speaker : Course à pied was helpful, so does running-addict.
  • For english speakers : is giving good advices
  • For both, the Nike run club app is very good and provides you an entire program for free (some bugs on the Apple Watch are annoying but the app is very motivated and well prepared)

You will not be surprised if I tell you that regularity is the key. I was running 3-4 times a week, following my programm on the Nike App.

I started running regularly 5 months before the Marathon and started the real program 3 month before. I have seen a physical therapist and a podiatrist who made me orthopedic soles and gave me amazing advice to protect my feet :

  • 3 month before the D-Day : cream for feet with … Lemon juice (no kidding). Do one 10-days cure each month and one 10 days before your race. The acidity of the lemon juice is actually making your skin get stronger to avoid blisters.
  • Buy this super cream NOK, which you will apply morning and evining on your feet 1 month before the D-day. The race day you will apply the cream in your socks to protect your feet.

The race

I will talk about it deeper in an article about my first Half Marathon in Amsterdam but if you already want to know if I finished it. Yes I did !

In 2:12:37, which is not too bad (even though I thought I could do better). I was so happy crossing the line I thought I was going to cry. It was amazing, above all in this super city.

So, if you think you cannot do it, well, try ! I started running a year ago and since, then, I can’t stop ! I am already preparing for a new challenge in 3 months.

I’ll tell you about it soon. So stay connected !

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