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Half Marathon in Amsterdam – When running makes you travelling

I had already been in Amsterdam few years Ago to celebrate my Birthday, but when some friends told me about Amsterdam half marathon, I decided to go back. Also, my boyfriend has never visited the city, everytime he went there was to party when he was younger.

I AMsterdam sign – Rijksmuseum

First part – Enjoying the city

We arrived 3 days before the race on a thursday. We were lucky because one of our friend we met in Ireland was now livind in Amsterdam and welcomed us in his place. A great appartement in the city center : Jordaan neighborhood .

The first day, we just decided to walk around. We walked from Jordaan to the Zoo where we had a drink and a great lunch at De Plantage : a restaurant which has a view on the Zoo. Food was great and prices correct. (You can find the location on the ToDoMap I created for you right here !)

As I love photography we were stopping at each corners and canals to take pictures. It took us a while to go back home.

We also booked a tour with Amsterdam Vélo in order to discover the city in its really own transportation tool : biking.

I definitely recommend you to rent bikes if you are in Amsterdam.

  1. Because it is very local
  2. It is safer than walking as bikes are priotity on any other person on the road

Obviously, we decided to visit Anne Frank’s house. I was affraid it might not be as nice as they said. The house is emptied of every furnitures (Otto, Anne’s father, only family members alive after the war refuses to let all the house stuff). However, I think it is a must seen in Amsterdam but make sure to book it in advance. Most of the time, you will not find ticket once you are there.

If you like photography, you’d love the city

Best things to do in Dam

  1. Biking around : easiest way to visit the city, go near the canals, get lost in Noord Amsterdam (take the ferry with your bike it is so cool !)
  2. Rijkmuseum – Local paintings (Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeer, …)
  3. Van Gogh Museum
  4. Anne Frank House
  5. Red District lights (a must seen but not always recommended if you are not confortable)
  6. Climbing the NEMO Museum (and admiring the view)
  7. Rembrandt house
  8. Biking around at night : the lights on the canals are so great
  9. Rent a boat and have a drink/ a picnic on the canals.
Top of the NEMO Museum

The Amsterdam Half Marathon

It was the first Half Marathon I run. I started with my friends (who had already run quite a few Half Marathon), but quite soon I realised I could not follow. I took my own rythm and run. It was me, myself and my music (thanks dear Airpods).

Before the race

From 1- 10km

The first 10 kilometers were really okay. I was amazed by all the people who came to see us and encouraging all the runners. It was a real energy for me. Plus, the organisation was amazing. Every 5 kilometers a DJ or a band was playing : great atmosphere to run.

Between 10 – 15km

This part was harder. Deep inside, I knew I was not going to give up but I started to be tired. The 2 days of walking and biking just before started to be felt in my legs.

From 15 – 21 km

Passed the 15 kilometers I realised I already run the most of the race. Thinkg about that made me feel stronger. Suddenly, I saw a child holding a Mari Mushroom with written “Tap top power up” on it. I found this super cute and super enegrizing. When suddenly someone shouted at me “You only have 2 kilometers left, go girl !”. It was it. I was almost there !

When I entered the stadium for the last 200 meters my heart was about to go out of my chest. I heard Him enouraging me so loud that I accelerated and crossed this damn finish line.

It was it. I was done. I made it !

Total words : 650

To see the entire Amsterdam Gallery, click here !

Light is Jordaan District
Royal Palace
Bike, bikes, biking
After the race

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