You – the serie you should not miss

Totally approved !

How should we start… I had heard about “You” from Netflix. They actually did pretty well as I immediately felt interested before the show was out.

I watched it the first day of the launch and I can say I was not disappointed at all. (It only took me a week to finish the entire serie – yes a week, between episodes I still need to work !)

The bad guy that you like

Why do we like this show so much ? Because for once, you are not following the good guy who will save the cute girl going through a lot of obstacles. In this case you are following the vilain.

The narratives way of telling his story is pretty new and put you directly in Penn Bagdley‘s head. You know any of his darkest thoughts. Oh and after 5 minutes, you do not see Dan Humphrey anymore, if you were wondering.

Very actual problematic

We are in 2019. Social networks are growing so fast and people are stalking… So often. Come on, haven’t you ever stalk your ex, or his new GF/ BF, or the cute guy from you geography class ? Don’t lie. We’ve all did. That is why “You” is kind of a guilty pleasure that echoed to our own self. It pointed very current issues that millenials are now facing : social networks which are polluting our minds and life.

Why so many controversy around this show ?

(Spoiler alert !) The problem with this show is that you kinda fall for Joe, the main character. Even though he is psychologically insane, you really want him to get the girl and you pray for him to stop killing everybody. But he does not.

That said, it does not excuse stalkers at all !! BUT point well our generation in problem.

To sum up : You is a new kind of show that is narrate in a new way and where the good guy is actually the bad guy. The flash backs are helping understanding how he arrived to this point and very well constructed through the show (in a cronoligal way, always linked with the action).

I can’t wait for Season 2 to know more about Joe’s, Candace and what will happen to him in LA (if you did not know, Joe is leaving New York for LA).

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