Why jealousy is your worst enemy ?

Let’s speak true for a minute. We aaaaall have been jealous at least once in our life. It is completely normal. But when you think about it, jealousy will never bring good or happiness to your life.

Stop blaming the other for what you do not have

Envy is mainly about that. I do not have a fancy Chanel bag but she does. Well she does not disserve it. So what ? Is it going to change your life. Will you feel better after insulting that poor girl. Does she need to be blamed because she has money ? Nope ! Because behind your “But she only gets money from her dad, she does not know the price of a real life…” We all know that you wish you could be at her position…

As I said. It is normal, but do you feel all the frustration and sadness it is bringing to your life ?

What if I tell you you can take all this energy to do something good for you and for others ?

From jealousy to success

You have spend months hating people because they were (in your opinion) prettier, richer, smarter. You have tried to find any excuses to destroy them with arguments you do not even believe in.

This energy you have spend must have killed you. What could you do with it that can make you feel better ?

EASY ! You see a pretty girl (or boy) with a ass you envy. Well, take her/ him as an example. Go to the Gym, start eating properly instead of saying she is just “way too skinny”. You see another one having the best job her/ his life. The job you wish you had but “I do not have an oncle working for LVMH like her/ him”. Well, it might be harder but instead of crying on your problems, work harder to get this job….

Jealousy will never help you to go forward. It will keep you at the same position for years and kill you from the inside because of frustration. Do not let that happen. Do not grow old keeping these bad energies inside you. Instead, when you feel like you are starting to be jealous of someone for anything, just think about what you could do to get the thing you are jealous of. That is how you will transform bad feelings into positives energies.

Be your own master and remember what you have and what people might be jealous of.

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