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Movies & TV Shows : the true guide

I love watching movies and series, for a looooong time. That is why I decided to share with you my latest discovers and opinion on movies and series I am watching.

To make it easier for you, I created simple symboles so that you will directly know my thought about a movie or a series. And you won’t have to read the entire critic if you don’t want to.

Amazing : If you see this sign, it means that I actually feel in love with the movie or the series. You will not see it often, but if you do, you will probably want to check it out yourself !

Good one : This sign (as I am sure you already know) will mean that I enjoyed watching this movie or serie.

Neutral : As you might understand, this sign is pretty neutral. The movie or series was not too bad but it was not incredible. You might want to check it ou yourself to get a true idea of it.

Ruuuuun away ! (At least I have warned you)

Obviously, I will be happy for you to comment my thoughts on movies and series and do not hesitate to share ones I have not seen !

What is you next movies or series on your bucket list ?

P.s : if you want small and quick critic sum up, go on my Instagram : I always post a critic sum up in my story @luhell !

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