Glass : very breakable movie

I will not recommend you to go and buy a cinema ticket for this movie. If you really want to see it, wait the official release.

19 years ago, M. Night Shyamalan was creating Unbreakable. I was 9 by then and discovered the movie thanks to my big brother. It was amazing (ok, I kinda have a Bruce Willis moment back then).

2 years ago, Split came out. I was shaking every minutes waiting for the beast to come in the light… I was stressed out about how this would end. Phenomenal movie again as it was one of a new kind with a J. MacAvoy incredible as a very realistic 24-characters person.

When I arrived at the cinema, I did not have a single doubt that Glass would not follow those 2 first movies… I should have.

Slow to start

After 5-10 minutes you start feeling that the start is faded. Nothing is really happening in Glass, you are waiting for a real suspens time, real actions but it does come. Sometimes, The Beast appears and bring a bit of actions but it never lasts for more than a minute.

One movie 3 places

If you were expecting landscapes… You will be disappointed ! The movie takes places in only 3 different locations and half of the movie in only one. Most of the times, the characters are locked in rooms and nothing really happens or the actions is not detailed enough. Sarah Paulson play is pointless and hard to get. We miss details and explanation about the locations and entire scenario.

Twisted scenario

Let’s talk about the scenario… If you can find one. It seems that the scenarists could not agree in one reliable story so they mixed all their ideas. Unfortunately, what should have been a masterpiece turned out into an unrealistic, not understandable end which let you disappointed and pretty upset. The final actions is useless, slow and without any surprises. To be honest, at the end it took us 15 seconds to look at each other trying to find something to say…

To sum up : Glass is disappointed but we can still applause J. MacAvoy play as playing 24 different characters in only one person is a real artistic success. But that is it.

Have you seen it ? What did you think about the movie ? Let me know in comment !

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