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Almost 3 years ago, Him and I took of from Ireland to celebrate my 25th birthday in the Big Apple. We spend 5 amazing days and swore we will come back…
3 Years later, we are bringing my entire family in the city that never sleeps.

New York is huge, New york is beautiful and there are never enough days to see it all. That is why I created on Google a New York To Do Map. Thanks to thes maps, you will not take hours looking for where to go and what to do. Amazing huh ? Moreover, feel free to contact me for more details on the route we took !

What is the point ?

To make sure you see everything you want to see in the big city. Wheither you are a Sex and the City, Gossip girl or Spider man fan, you will be able to walk in the same streets as your heroe.

Moreover, New York is great to revive our heroes story (Blair & Chuck wedding, Blair & Serena on the stairs, Barney Stinson appartement… Yay !). That is why I also pointed places from well known movies and series. I know some of you will love it (at least as much as I do).

Movies & Series places Map

Museum & Activities map

Restaurants & Bars & Rooftops map

You can also find all thos maps in one thanks to the Google map I have created.

To find it click here !

Do not hesitate to share and telle me if you have been to some of these places. I would be glad to hear from you !

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P.s : maps will be updated after my trip there in June ! Keep posted !


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