Why should you read my articles ?

Well, I know… Another blog, another huuuuge amount of words to read. Well don’t if you do not want to. I am not even sure what I have to say might even be interesting. BUT I know that I need to share. I love to share. And I know that I have things to say. Things that might help others as they were helpful to me, things that might be funny, moving or even upsetting.

If you are still here, my words are catching you. So here is the concept. Except for my Travel Guides (which will be super concise anyway), all my articles will be less than 600 words. Why ? Because I , personnally, never read an entire blog articles because:

  1. I do not always care about the entire life of the person who wrote it (personnal choice)
  2. I want to gret straight to the info I am looking for (do not write a catchy title if it is to detail your day from you taking a pee to the color of the apple you hate for lunch)

Well, I am kidding, a lot of people are writing great stuff and sharing lovely content, but I need to be concise, I need to go straight to the point as you will probably notice soon enough… I am a control freak (guilty !).

Take a sit, pour a tea in a cute cup and let start our journey together !


Words countdown : 241


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